What is included in the fee for each trek?

We handle choosing great accommodations with easy access to a top-rated co-working space, and putting together an amazing cohort of inspiring individuals.  We have local teams in each country who come in handy with finding a good place to buy groceries near your home, planning trips to local attractions and tracking down the best nightlife spots. We also host frequent happy hours, hook you up with a city tour upon arrival, and often have dinners with an interesting local speaker to help you plan your month, bond with the group, and make the best use of your time in each country. We provide you with access to co-working spaces 24/7, suggest our favorite guides/adventures in each location and get you deals with them, and are always available if you need support for anything relating to living abroad. Our Field Coordinators in each location are always available in person if you have a problem, keeping everything running smoothly. 

How many people will I be traveling with?

It varies, but our treks are generally between 15 and 40 awesome humans strong.

What are the accommodations like?

Everyone has their own room in a single or shared living space. This can range from one other housemate to several housemates, usually in a shared apartment. The amenities range depending on the country, with some places feeling very similar, and other places being quite different than what you'd find in the US. We try to provide an authentic experience of each location in our housing choices, while making sure you can work and live comfortably. 

What is the application process?

The first step is to fill out our online application. We use the application to make sure our program fits with your needs. After reviewing applications, our team sends out invitations for interviews, which are done via video conference. This is a chance for you to ask us questions in person, while we make sure the trek/s you're interested in are the best fit based on your goals, and suggest alternates that may fit you better. You will receive an acceptance invitation to join our trek within 72 hours of your interview. Once you accept, our team will get you started with the uncomplicated onboarding process for your specific trek. 

What if I need to cancel my trek due to a personal emergency?
We understand that emergencies happen. If you need to leave the trek for a period of time but wish to return, the time that you are away will be reduced in price by 50%. If you must cancel prior to joining us, or you are on a treak and need to leave permanently but are able to provide us with at least 60 days notice there will be no further costs to you beyond that time. Every 15 days bellow the 60 days notice will accrue 25% of a full months cost. This means if you must leave immediately with no notice you would still be responsible for 75% of the following monthly payment. This is due to the fact that much of your trek expenses require us to do bookings and payments well in advance, and our local partners are usually not able to provide last minute refunds.
What is the criteria for joining a trek?

We build our groups to be as diversely complimentary in background and skill as possible. Journalists, meet some photographers. Business folks, meet some creatives. Entrepreneurs, meet some web designers and branding consultants. Videographers, meet lawyers. Students, meet experienced executives and freelancers. We want your experience to create lasting lifetime friendships and useful networks that open doors for you for years to come. We only have one hard and fast rule for acceptance on a trek; travel can be stressful, tiring, and push you in ways you didn't expect, so we want folks who crave this kind of adventure with a positive, curious, and open minded attitude.

Where does NomadPro go?

Honestly? We wanna go everywhere. Right now, our next locations are Croatia and Belize. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, we have Treks in the works for South America, the Mediterranean, Africa, Oceania, Eurasia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Our programs are built for anyone who wants to explore and get inspired, gain cultural fluency and familiarity in a specific part of the world, or anyone with a personal interest in a region. In addition to vagabonds and travel junkies, we are perfect for those aimed at international business, media, and endless other careers- we try to provide as diverse a sampling of locations as possible so you make the absolute best use of your time and come home with the broadest possible collection of background knowledge. We are always creating and adding new trips, so check our site and feel free to reach out if you are looking for something you don't see, as we may well have it in our development pipeline.

What kind of jobs can I do while travelling?

That list is endless- anything from lawyers to accountants to graphic designers, writers, entrepreneurs, students enrolled on classes online, photographers, project managers, anyone and everyone who can work from a computer or a new city. If you've been working from home during Covid, you can work from anywhere you want to travel to that has good wifi.

*NomadPro does not provide jobs! That part is on you. 

Does NomadPro Provide jobs for Trekkers?

No, we are not an employer for our trekkers. We provide housing, flights, logistical support and all sorts of other great stuff for those who can work remotely and want to live abroad. If you want to trek with us but do not currently have a job that is location independent, check out the many online job boards for remote work. There are so many options now that you are sure to find something that suits your skills. Some remote-friendly job boards that we recommend include: 


Our treks are designed to make international living easy, friendly and fun. We know how intimidating and lonley living in a foreign country solo can be, which is why we designed our treks like cohorts of cool humans. Develop friendships, network, and explore your new location together. Adventure every weekend or stay local, travel with other members of your Trek or wander solo.

You'll have membership to 24/7 co-working spaces in each city, so maintaining professional connections to clients or colleagues back home is easy.

We use our many years of experience to find cozy and comfortable international living accommodations. Settle right in with our orientation dinner, weekly happy hours, deals at local gyms, yoga studios, and restaurants. Plan to explore the larger region with your cohort or simply enjoy your new city.

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